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channel steel

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channel steel
channel steel
Product NameSteel Channel
Technical StandardGB, ASTM, BS
Steel GradeSGCC/SGCD/SGCE/DX51D/DX52D/S250GD/S280GD/S350GD/G550/SPCC
Shape TypesC channel,U channel or customized
SurfaceHigh Strength U-steel
ApplicationBuilding structures, curtain wall engineering, mechanical equipment,vehicle manufacturing
MaterialHot rolled or cold rolled, or welded
Surface treatmentGalvanized,Polishing, Painting or according to clients requirements
Steel channel
Steel channel

Channel steel is a long strip of steel with a groove-shaped cross-section. Its specifications are expressed in millimeters of waist height (h)* leg width (b)* waist thickness (d), such as 120535, indicating that the waist height is 120 mm, the leg width is 53 mm, and the waist thickness is 5 mm, or 12# channel steel. Channel steel with the same waist height, if there are several different leg width and waist thickness, it is also necessary to add a b c to the right side of the model to distinguish, such as 25a# 25b# 25c#

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