• Hot rolled steel plate spot price in June In June, the spot price of hot rolled steel plate fell significantly as a whole, and the average price of $500 / ton in the country’s major cities fell by $5 from the same period last week. Toda... 

    06-04 2024

  • June seamless steel pipe prices fell In June, the seamless steel pipe market gradually entered the traditional cold season to build steel market prices fell widely. Specifications 89mm-159mm price of $600, most of the steel fell mainly, ... 

    06-04 2024

  • The EU’s quota of pig iron from Russia is gradually being exhausted The EU’s quota for Russian pig iron is gradually consumed, and the price of Russian pig iron has been supported to a certain extent. Market demand is still limited, there is a shortage of scrap ... 

    06-04 2024

  • China imported 380,000 tons of unwrought rolled aluminum In April, China exported 520,000 tons of unforged rolled aluminum rods and aluminum materials, an increase of 12.9%; From January to April, the cumulative export of 2 million tons, an increase of 8.8%... 

    05-20 2020

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