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Steel Angle

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Steel Angle
Steel Angle

Dimension range:  25x25mm – 200x200mm / 25x16mm – 200x125mm
Wall thickness:  3mm – 20mm
Length:  1-12meters (Normal length 6meters ,accept fixed length)
Standard: GB9787-88/GB9788-88, JISG3192-94, DIN17100-80, 535-88
Material:  Q195 and Q235 Mild Steel ,Q345 Alloy steel,ASTM A36, SS400, S235JR H

Angle steel factoryAngle iron is a galvanized steel products, it through pickling, hot plating or electroplating and other processing processes, on the surface of the steel plated with a layer of zinc, so as to play a role in rust prevention and corrosion protection. This steel has good corrosion resistance and durability, and is widely used in construction, equipment, machinery, power and electronics industries. In the field of construction, galvanized Angle iron is mainly used for strengthening, supporting and connecting buildings, such as building the top of the house, corner, doors and Windows, ceilings, etc., which can connect building materials to form a solid structure.Angle steel factory

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