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H-section steel

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 H-shaped steel
H-shaped steel

There are many product specifications of H-shaped steel, and the classification methods are as follows. (1) According to the flange width of the product, it is divided into wide flange, middle flange and narrow flange H-shaped steel. The flange width B of the wide flange and middle flange H-shaped steel is greater than or equal to the height H of the web. The flange width B of the narrow flange H-shaped steel is equal to about half of the height H of the web plate. (2) According to the use of the product is divided into H-type steel beam, H-type steel column, H-type steel pile, extremely thick flange H-type steel beam. Sometimes parallel leg channel steel and parallel flange T-steel are also included in the scope of H-beam steel. Generally, narrow flange H-shaped steel is used as beam material and wide flange H-shaped steel is used as column material, so it is also called beam H-shaped steel and column H-shaped steel.

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