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Hot rolled steel plate spot price in June

TIME:2024-06-04 16:17:54 FREQUENCY:18

In June, the spot price of hot rolled steel plate fell significantly as a whole, and the average price of $500 / ton in the country’s major cities fell by $5 from the same period last week. Today, hot rolled steel futures opened lower and closed at 3800, down 33 points by 0.86%. The effect of energy saving and carbon reduction plan on crude steel production regulation and driving prices has passed for a short time, and the effect of real estate favorable policies has been numb, driving the market to continue to decline. Short-term hot rolled steel sheet coil prices will still shake down.

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The average price of cold-rolled steel plate in China’s first city is 510 US dollars/ton, which is down from the previous working day, the price of cold-rolled steel plate spot market fell slightly, and the downstream procurement was mostly purchased according to short-term needs, which was slightly better than the previous working day, and the overall transaction performance was general. At present, the inventory of the shopping mall is still at a high level, the cold rolling price is at a low level, the price reduction space is relatively limited, the demand is phased, there is no big market, and the merchants are mainly careful to operate and ship. Estimated short – term cold – rolled mall narrow vibration operation.

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