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June seamless steel pipe prices fell

TIME:2024-06-04 11:54:39 FREQUENCY:29

In June, the seamless steel pipe market gradually entered the traditional cold season to build steel market prices fell widely. Specifications 89mm-159mm price of $600, most of the steel fell mainly, the terminal transaction is general, the market mood is more depressed, some steel in exchange for price, leading the market, the low transaction slightly improved, most of the steel stable weak, the market determination is insufficient, China’s steel pipe factory storage pressure although not large, but still mainly to shipment grab volume. Daily overall steel shrinkage drop operation.

Seamless steel pipe price
Seamless steel pipe price

Because the demand is less than expected, the market determination is significantly insufficient, steel prices fell quickly, but from the fundamental point of view, the supply side is still relatively loose, steel factory inventory pressure is not large, the market fall space is limited, so it is estimated that the price in the short term or mainly oscillating operation. With the frequent release of market demand and micro-favorable policies, the market is determined to improve, the black price as a whole has a shaking upward trend, and the seamless pipe has also shown a small rebound trend. In May, the fundamentals of seamless pipe shopping mall showed a narrow supply shock, and the demand for shopping malls picked up slightly, but because the inventory pressure of the pipe factory was too large, the overall price rise and fall of the pipe factory was very limited. In May, there were significant signs of a rebound in market transactions, but because of the approaching cold season, the sustainability of demand needs to be discussed.

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